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Looking Back

 It’s officially been one week since we moved into our new home. 
The first night, I lay in bed for what felt like hours, unable to sleep. I thought back over the past 6 months of being “homeless” while mourning the loss of our home of the past 8 years, feeling both grateful and unsettled living with my parents, and stressing over all of the insane details of building a house. 
I thought about how hard it always is to sleep in a new place, but felt wonderful knowing that this will be the last time we ever have to move again. 
As I lay there looking up at our light fixture and the pattern it cast on the ceiling, I remembered how much I whined and complained about our last bedroom ceiling. Man, I HATED that ceiling. 
Plaster walls AND ceilings – complete with stains, overlapping wallpaper, and a very uneven surface.
I think ugly would’ve been a nice way to put it. We talked about covering all the ceilings upstairs with tongue and groove pine, drywall, or anything that would cover up that eyesore. Unfortunately, we knew it would take a lot of work and money. The investment just wasn’t worth it to us. Plus it would have made a huge mess.
Our new house has smooth walls. SMOOTH WALLS. If you’ve never had plaster, you may not know what I’m talking about.. But let’s just say it’s pretty amazing!
 My feelings are still bittersweet when I think about all we’ve been through, but there is truly nothing like being home again.  Dorothy said it best.

 There’s no place like home. 

Happy Designing! -Cherie