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Kitchen Budget Busters

I know that I’m not telling you anything new when I say that kitchen remodels can be very expensive. I’ve designed kitchens that were $6,000 and I’ve done kitchens for $60,000. {I haven’t personally done anything over $60,000; but they’re out there. In abundance.}

How is there such a range in price? There are so many things that factor into the cost. Cabinet door style, cabinet construction, finish, storage features, accessories, fancy moldings and accent pieces, countertop material, flooring, backsplash, ceiling, etc., etc.

This week, I got to talk to a woman who was in despair because the quote she got on her kitchen – from Home Depot – ended up being six thousand dollars over her budget. This was just the cabinet price alone.. It didn’t include countertops or installation.


Their kitchen is completely torn apart and they pulled the brakes. They are trying to regroup, because they don’t want to take out a loan for the project. Kudos to them!

My advice?

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