I am so pleased to welcome you to our blog!
 It’s been a while in the making.  In fact, I have always wanted to share my love of interior design and tips for decorating with the world.  It’s really too much to keep bottled up inside.  (Just ask my husband, friends, family, and co-workers!)
I started “CDH Designs” a year after graduating college.  I was working at a family-owned furniture store and excited to be able to create spaces that weren’t just beautiful on paper.  I was young and passionate in my new job.  I was constantly thinking of changes for the showroom, and suggesting ideas to the owners. In the first year I worked for them; walls were removed, other walls were turned, the flooring in the main showroom was changed, and we moved a rug rack to a different location.  I drove the older salespeople crazy with all of my energy and ideas.  The point is, the business wasn’t mine.  It just wasn’t enough, and I knew I would never be content without doing MORE.
I knew it wasn’t going to just happen overnight, and I knew I couldn’t afford to open up my own shop, but I wanted to make a living with my own consulting business.  I met my first client through work, and helped them personalize their entire home.  I was so proud of that first job, and it also opened doors for me to gain new clients.
Eventually, getting married and expanding my family took precedence over my business.  My creative niche is somewhat satisfied where I am now – designing kitchens at Lowe’s – but I am still hungry for more.
I haven’t been brave enough to quit my job and take the plunge, but I’m going to get there.