The History of the Kitchen & Bath Studio

The Kitchen & Bath Studio is my baby, and latest design venture. Getting here was anything but easy.

We moved from my hometown and away from my “comfort zone” 2 years ago in February. My design business had been flourishing in that area… and then we moved. Late last Winter, I had decided that both my vehicle and I needed a break from the 2 hours + commute I was making every time I wanted to work with clients back home. In the first year here, I put almost 30,000 miles on my vehicle. I had gotten a couple design clients in Emporium, and I felt like the smart thing to do would be to see how my business could work here.

As I began to research and reach out to cabinet vendors, I was finding that none of them would deal with me unless I had a showroom. I have worked on showroom designs before, and I’ve always loved the thought of having my own someday.. I just never needed anything like that in Mifflin County. {Why would I have invested that amount of money with a dozen custom cabinet makers and countertop showrooms within a half hour drive?} As you can tell, the idea took root; and a plan began to form.

I found this gem of a space available for rent, and decided to take the plunge..

The night I signed the lease

I set a goal, and planned to open late Spring 2018. New flooring, paint, and displays went a LONG way. A lot of time, money, and hard work by my husband and I went into the studio space. I had my Grand Opening Memorial Day weekend, and that began this new adventure!


Same view – After


The Studio space has worked out extremely well for me to meet clients and work on designs. Traditional business hours don’t work because I am nearly always on the go, so studio hours are by appointment only. When I’m not in the studio, I am often on a jobsite, meeting with local clients, or working out of the area. I still utilize the showrooms of my custom cabinetmakers in Mifflin and Centre counties, but I am so thankful to have a space for local business here in Emporium.

Studio Displays
Studio Vanity Displays – January 2019

Our community has been pretty welcoming, and I have been extremely busy. It’s difficult to believe that I am now closing in on a year of being open!  I have pretty lofty goals for the future of the Studio, but God only knows what will happen with those. Time will tell!

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