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State Park Living

My husband works for the state of Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) as a State Park Manager. We rent a house provided for us in the park he oversees.

Until the day he retires, we are renters. This is a new thing for us.. especially since we designed and built our last house from the ground up.

When a management position comes open, they have a park tour for all interested candidates. Our first introduction to this house was during the park tour, in October 2016. My husband was pretty confident that he would be getting hired for this position, so I came along on the tour. I tried to take pictures of all the rooms in the house so we could plan ahead. All of the “Before” pictures I’m going to be sharing are from that tour. They were taken with my phone, so the quality isn’t perfect.



The house was built as a game warden residence sometime around the 1930’s-1940’s. As soon as my husband became acting manager in December of 2016, we began remodeling the house. All design choices were ours. We are allowed to paint and make it our own as much as we want. We can even change walls with approval. With a limited budget, we’re doing it in phases, but it’s been fun to see it transform from a former bachelor pad to our family’s home!

I’m going to share all of the BEFORE pictures of this house. Keep in mind, this is not the current state.

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