Room Reveal #3 – Laundry Room

How much fun can LAUNDRY be?

When I started planning a laundry room into the house, fun was the first word that came to mind. You may think I’m crazy. I assure you, I could be, but there really was a method to my madness! With the 5 of us, I do an average of about 1.5 loads of laundry per day. I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in this room.

For heaven’s sake, it might as well be pretty!

The first task after determining the layout was deciding on a wall color. Keeping the “fun” in mind, I went through my Sherwin Williams fan deck and chose a cheerful, yet calming blue. It’s called “Watery” and definitely reminds me of a tropical place.


To keep the room light and bright, I made sure we included a window in it. I knew I would want the washer and dryer on the front wall of the house {to take advantage of the view AND to make venting the dryer easy}, so I made the window 30 inches high and planned it to sit high enough to clear the backs of the appliances. Located right off the entry, our laundry room is conveniently placed for dropping dirty clothes and shoes.

Putting this room on the main floor was done for two reasons:

  1. Accessibility. Our goal is to live in this house as long as we can, so having everything on one floor was our main objective. It will allow us to age in place. But, if we do ever have to move, this should also be a selling feature!
  2. I need a visual reminder. If I’m planning to do a load of laundry but am in the middle of something else at the moment, I’ll open the laundry room door so the washer and dryer are in sight as I pass by constantly. It’s so easy to let our laundry pile up, but I have made it my goal to do at least one load of laundry every day. This way, I’m not overwhelmed by piles, and no one is ever asking me where their clothes are.
Laundry Baskets
We have 3 bins for darks, lights, and red/pinks.

Way before we were ready for them, I saw laundry baskets like this at Walmart of all places, and I fell in love. They were the perfect fit for our Craftsman-meets-Industrial design style. Unfortunately, without the storage {or a house yet} for them, I didn’t get them. The next time I looked, they were gone. I searched and searched, and finally found them on Amazon.

The countertop is a custom laminate top that I had made by a local guy who’s been in the business forever. Instead of 24″ deep like most, I made it 21″ deep {like a vanity or desk}. This depth gives me enough room to fold clothes, but it’s not too deep that I can’t easily reach the baskets underneath. I wanted a neutral color that would work with the travertine floors {they’re really the feature of this room} and allow me to change artwork and window treatments when I feel like it. The color is Wilsonart’s Pearl Soapstone 4886-38.


Can we just talk comfort for a moment?

Tile floors don’t bother me one bit in the kitchen.. but when I’m standing on this gorgeous floor folding our clothes? OUCH! This gray mat was on sale where we were buying our bedroom area rugs, and I think we paid just under $40 for it. Best purchase I made for this room so far. My feet have been thanking me ever since!

This laundry room is a definite work-in-progress, but I feel like it’s a great space so far. My husband just gave me the approval to order wall cabinets for above the counter. They will give me much needed storage for detergent as well as cleaning supplies, hangers, clothespins, mismatched socks, and other stuff that just hasn’t found a home yet. Once we get those hung and I find curtains {or maybe create a DIY roman shade}, I think I’ll call it quits. For now..

Laundry - looking in

Just look at that VIEW!

So, I still don’t think I can call laundry “fun,” but it is definitely more enticing…

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