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Planning for Design & Construction Week

Planning a business trip can be tough. Planning one to Design & Construction Week in Vegas is absolutely overwhelming.

We will be attending the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, for sure, since that covers most of my business. The last time we were at KBIS was in Chicago in 2012, when I was 6 months pregnant. We added it onto a trip to my husband’s best friend’s wedding. It was also our first trip via train. I returned home with VERY swollen feet and ankles. This trip, I’m excited to both NOT be pregnant, and to have a full 3 days worth of freedom to focus on my business…

BONUS!! Our tickets to KBIS also include admission to these events:

We can take advantage of as many of these things as we can. Or, we can take a day and rest.. visit Hoover Dam, make the trek to the Grand Canyon, etc.

I am really leaning toward also attending Market. It is a huge event which showcases furniture, home decor, and gifts. By the way, when I say “huge,” it really is. 3 BUILDINGS worth.

The Window Coverings Expo and Surface Event aren’t as important to me, because I don’t focus on window treatments or flooring as much in my business. Plus, tile and flooring materials are shown at KBIS and the Builders’ Show.

The Builders’ Show is another big draw, but we will visit the Central PA Home and Garden Show at the BJC in March. That show will be far more relevant to us as a local event. However, it won’t showcase national building and design trends like this one in Vegas will.

Any suggestions? If you had the opportunity to attend, which shows would you want to visit? I would appreciate any comments and feedback, because we’re certainly reeling with all the possibilities!