Marsala – Pantone Color of the Year

About a month ago, when we were all deeply engrossed in our holiday parties, shopping, and gift wrapping; Pantone announced the 2015 Color of the Year:

Source: Pantone
Source: Pantone

I’ve always been a fan of this rich, earthy red. In our last house, it was my main accent color in our living and dining rooms. It worked well with the other earth tones in the space. I wanted our small house to be warm and inviting, and we were told often that it was.

Terrace living room

How to use it….

In your Wardrobe

OB-Marsala - Fashion

*Dress *Necklace *Ring *Scarf *Lipstick

In your Home
OB-Marsala - Home
*Artwork *Serving Platter *Chandelier *Rug *Pillow

Not sure you can handle this color in large doses? I still maintain a neutral palette for the most part, but I do love using lots of color accents!

What are your thoughts on this color? I think it’s a little bit “safer” than many of the Pantone colors. Since it’s not quite as edgy as we’re used to seeing, I definitely think it will be more widely used.

Next week while in Vegas, I’m really excited about going to Market. I am positive that we’ll see Marsala in the endless displays of textiles, furniture, decor, and accessories. But it will be interesting to see if there are any unexpected uses of this color.. like in light fixtures.

Did you know they even made a Keurig in Marsala?

I’m going to open myself up to some ridicule when I share this little secret…
Every time I hear the word Marsala, I think of shale. I can’t help myself.
Marsala is a WINE.. I know.. but I can’t possibly be the only person out there who thinks like this.

It’s not “marsala shale,” it’s “marcellus shale,”but they sound so similar. Don’t you agree?

Now that I’ve thrown that out there… I dare you not to think of that when you see or hear about the color of the year! 😉

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