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Countertop Decisions

Usually with decorating, I am 100% decisive. I am able to make decisions in a matter of seconds. 
Funny how things change when you suddenly have 1,000,000 of them to make.

When we decided to build and began talking about our kitchen, my husband decided that we were going to have granite in our new house. 

“I hate laminate,” he says.

Well.. I agree. I hate the fact that countertops just don’t last as long as they used to.
{What does??}
However, have you seen some of the gorgeous things they’re doing with laminate these days?
To the untrained eye, you would never know it was laminate.

With the option of undermount sinks, and the new decorative edge choices {which, unfortunately aren’t used in our area, yet..} laminates these days LOOK AMAZING. 
I found a GORGEOUS laminate for our countertops.

My husband remains unconvinced. 
The one thing about laminate is that it’s still not impervious to water. And when water hits the underside of a laminate top, it ruins it. This includes steam from a dishwasher.. a BIG obstacle to get around.
In our last kitchen, we combated the water issue by coating the underside of our countertop with polyurethane. A primer would have worked, too. You just need to seal it so that it’s not going to be affected in wet areas.
I have found two laminate colors that would work well with our warm gray color scheme and go with the dark maple cabinets we plan to use for the perimeter of our kitchen:

Wilsonart’s Typhoon Ice {4952K-22}


Wilsonart’s Winter Carnival {1874K-35}

The big thing about laminate is that it’s just not stone. Even though it looks nice, and they add the sparkle and texture to it, it still can’t compete with the natural beauty and depth of stone.

This beauty is the granite we’re considering:

The slabs we saw are beautiful, with amazing depth and movement. PERFECT for our large peninsula, but such a shame to cut up for the rest of our counters.

When our house is finished, I guess you’ll find out what we chose… because the jury is still out!

Happy Designing! -Cherie