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Our Little Piece of Paradise

When we started looking for a house, one of Jeb’s requirements was that it must have at least a half acre. Honestly, we really preferred an acre of land.
Most houses for sale do not meet this requirement without being extremely pricey.
He was not budging on this. Frankly, neither was I.
I mean.. after you have a fire..
On one hand, you’re just thankful to be alive.
But on the other hand.. you feel like you deserve to be just a little bit picky!!
Looking back, it’s really amazing that he was okay living in our house on the Terrace.
I mean, we had about 1/30 of an acre there. Seriously.
Well, no more worrying about kids playing basketball in the alley with traffic or wondering if it’s okay to let them walk the half block to the playground alone.
Ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you to our 4 ACRE LOT:
I’m not sure if you can see them in the picture above, but we already have the corners of the house staked out. By the end of the week, the excavator is planning to scrape the topsoil and begin digging the foundation.
In this second picture, you can just make out the roof of the neighbor’s garage. Their house is out of the picture far to the right.
We’re so happy we get this much privacy, and we can’t wait to have a place for us all to enjoy being outside.

So.. enjoy the green view, because it’s not going to look like this for long!
Our Superior Walls {foundation} are already scheduled to go in on my Dad’s birthday – June 2nd.
There’s no turning back now!

My good friend Melissa suggested that we take pictures of the lot from the same spot – before, during, and after construction.
I thought it was a great idea!
As much as we love this little grassy plot of land, I’m sure we’re not going to mind a bit when it’s all torn up!
Happy Designing! -Cherie