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We’re going to BUILD a house!!

So now that it’s official, I can announce that we’ve decided to BUILD a house!!

My husband and I just weren’t finding what we were looking for in our house hunt. It was really depressing, actually. We felt like we were being too picky for our budget, but we really weren’t willing to compromise. Fortunately, we won’t have to!

I am finalizing the design {and there’s still a lot more pieces to consider}, but here’s a preview of the floor plan:

It’s not a huge home {about 1400 square feet on the main floor}, but it’s larger than our house on the Terrace. We will also have a full basement that is BONUS space for us. Plus, hopefully, we will have a garage!
We are going through a huge range of emotions, but we are mostly excited and thrilled to be able to realize our dream of building. It’s something that we just never thought possible, and now it’s happening.. we are designing our own home from the ground up!
Oh. I almost forgot.. I’m getting my dream kitchen!!! Here it is:
I look forward to sharing the craziness and excitement of home building with all of you!
Happy Designing! -Cherie