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I have always used this blog as a combination of personal and design blog. After all, design is ME, and I couldn’t have a blog without it. Today.. it gets really personal.

Our house burnt last night and we lost everything. 

Never in a million, million years do you expect something like that to happen.Our family is fine, and we weren’t home when it happened. If you don’t know us personally, our faith & family are absolutely the two most important things to us. Stuff can be replaced.

The thing is.. being a designer, I naturally have some emotion involved with losing my house. We lived there for 8 years, and poured a lot of us into that house. If you never visited our home (when it was whole), you can see it here:

A few months ago, friends of ours had a house fire and lost everything as well.
At the time, I had no idea what it must be like for them, but my heart broke for their loss.
Now I guess I’ll find out for myself…

Happy Designing! -Cherie