Monkey Turns One – Part 2

It’s always amazing to me how quickly time passes.  I promised a follow-up post on Blake’s birthday, but the past two weeks have just flown by.  It already feels like it’s been months since the party.

We ordered pizza for dinner, because it’s easy and because the little man has decided that he loves it.
What an expression
Stuffing pizza in his mouth
We really did have a good time and got some fantastic pictures of him with his cake.
His first “official” birthday party was after my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding rehearsal in Georgia a few days before his birthday.  He didn’t know what to think of the cake.  

This time around, he was a little better prepared…

Still needing to make sure it’s okay to touch it..

 My mom just couldn’t bear to let him to waste all that cake.. so we decided to cut him a large “slice.”  

He dug right in!!

First taste – Yum!

Naturally, he’s eating up the attention as much as the cake!!
I’m so glad we got to celebrate this important milestone with our family!

Pap M. and Blake

Happy Designing! -Cherie

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