The Best Ways to Display Family Photos

I received a question on my Facebook page this week that required more than a few lines to answer.

Q.) What is the best way to display photographs of people/family on your walls that it doesn’t look like a memorial or too busy?  And how do you {or can you} add non-photo pics and decor with photos?  I have tons of family pics and they always look so busy on my wall. How do you collage? Do you collage in separate frames or use a collage frame?

A.) I don’t think there is one correct answer for this question.  Displaying family photographs is about as personal as the pictures themselves.  It’s similar to putting together a photo album.  Just like a photographer uses their creativity in taking the pictures, creativity should be used to showcase them.  After all, photographs are as much ART as anything.  Why not treat them as such?

Here are some of my favorite examples for displaying family photos in your home.

1. I love the stylized arrangement of photos and accessories in this family room. Using the same sizes of frames and keeping visual symmetry makes this look very much like an art gallery:

Source: http://www.loveyourroom.com
To combine photos and decor, I really like the “gallery” look. However, I don’t believe it’s easy for everyone to pull off. I’ve seen this look done fabulously, and I’ve seen it done terribly. It is something you will definitely want to play with {and perhaps get professional help with} before hanging. The best way to keep it cohesive is to use a common color palette, frames, or theme with your items. Don’t be afraid to personalize with a monogram or favorite motif!
2. Here’s a gallery wall done right:

Source: http://www.projectphxhome.com
When integrating pictures into your home decor; you can update it yearly, use it as a sort-of photo time capsule, or add pictures as your family grows.

3. This could be personalized with a favorite saying, Bible verse, or personal quote!
Printing photos on canvas has become a popular trend. It’s a great example of using photography as art. I recommend choosing pictures that showcase special events or memories. When finished, you’ll have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind showcase.
4. Here’s a beautiful canvas display.  I’d add some gallery-style lighting to wash the wall, and you’re good to go!

Source Unknown

If you have any design questions, you can submit them to CDH Designs on Facebook, or e-mail me at cdhdesigns@hotmail.com
Happy Designing!

1 thought on “The Best Ways to Display Family Photos”

  1. Well written Cherie with great examples for any of us to explore! I'm excited to have a gallery again, but in the new house. I've been visualizing it in the bedroom. I think the “grandkids” example should be in every room. Thanks, Mom


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