2011 Holiday Shopping List


This year, I have a feeling that we’re going to be spending more on Christmas than ever before.  Okay, it’s more than a feeling.  My checkbook and credit card are already telling me that I’m well on my way to that “goal.”

Alivia just turned 3, and Logan will be 10 in just a couple weeks, which means that Jeb & I are super excited about Christmas this year.  Christmas is already my favorite time of year.  I love the decorations, food, music, holiday movies, and most of all I love the time spent with family.  Giving gifts makes me feel like I am sharing my heart, and I love the symbolism of gifts at Christmas time.  After all, we celebrate the season in honor of God’s precious gift to us.

So far, here is our 2011 Holiday Shopping List:

** WARNING:  To family members reading this, please stop here or proceed at your own risk:  The risk of ruining the surprise on Christmas!! **

1.) The Kindle Fire 
 Much less expensive than the Apple iPad, the newly released Fire is on our “wish list” for many of the people in our family.
If we could afford it, Christmas with our family would be like an episode of Oprah’s Favorite Things:
“You get a Fire, You get a Fire, everybody gets a Kindle Fiiiiiire!” 

* * *
 This is going to be Logan’s “big gift” this year.  At $79, it’s more affordable than ever for those people that love to read.  Trust me when I say, this boy LOVES to read.  Last night I was picking up to vacuum, and I had to move 4 of his books that were lying in various places throughout the house.  Not only does he like to read, he reads several books at once!  The Kindle is a perfect fit for our 10-year-old.

* * *

3.)  Dollhouse, Dolls, and Bike for Alivia
 Last year, my sister and her hubby made dollhouses for their girls.  My older niece, Caitlin, got a house that would fit her taller dolls and Barbies.  My younger niece Shelby’s dollhouse is a smaller size that’s more appropriate for her Little People and mini {Polly Pocket type} dolls.  
We might not have time to make it this year, but we would love to create a custom dollhouse for Alivia!

Alivia is definitely a girly-girl.  We’ve been to the Disney store twice in the past month to shop for our princess {and her girl cousins!}.  Cinderella and Prince Charming came home with us on our first visit.  Yesterday, we left with princess play sets for her cousins.  If it’s Disney – or princess – they all love it.

We’ve wanted to get her a bike for several months now.  When Jeb and Logan were shopping for bike accessories this summer, she absolutely had to have a new bike helmet.  Since she has the helmet, we figure that she ought to have the bike!

* * *

4.)  Camera for Jeb

For those that don’t know him so well, my husband is a Park Ranger who loves all things outdoors.  With his job allowing him plenty of driving through the parks and being outdoors, he has had the opportunity to witness some incredible sights through the years.  He carries a camera in his vehicle “just in case” he comes across something that he wants to share.  The camera he has in his vehicle is not a very good one, yet he’s still managed to share some of the coolest pictures with his family and friends.  I’m definitely biased, but I’ve felt for a while that he deserves a much better camera.  When thinking of gift ideas for him this year, he just happened to show me the gallery of his newest photos.  We were looking into getting some of his work printed on canvas, and I realized that it would be a shame if I didn’t get him a camera that could show off his talent so much better.

Jeb & I use  Amazon   for almost all of our Holiday Shopping.  We love their Holiday Toys List and have used it several times to help us find toys for all of the precious kiddos in our life. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my Holiday Shopping List.  
Feel free to link to your own or tell me what’s on your list!

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