It’s begun: The {Retail} Holiday Season

Where my job is concerned, Christmas will have come and gone in just a few weeks.  
As far as kitchen deadlines go, that is.  
November 8th is the last day that we can order countertops to be installed by Christmas.  {Forget cabinets!} With the holidays approaching, people always seem to get the remodeling itch.  Whether it’s as simple as new window treatments or a small bathroom project, it suddenly becomes a priority to have your house in perfect condition for upcoming guests.  We will inevitably see a flurry of people come in and demand that their projects be completed before Christmas.  It happens every year; and every year I wonder what in the world people are thinking.  What happened to planning ahead?  
I don’t know about the rest of the world, but our family knows what’s happening for next year’s Thanksgiving at least 6 months in advance.  Actually, Thanksgiving is my husband’s holiday.  We go to his parents’ home every year for Thanksgiving.  It was the only thing that was included in our unwritten pre-nup!  
Needless to say, my mother-in-law will never remodel her kitchen in the Fall.  
{She’s not crazy!}
I’m a firm believer in planning for major projects.  It blows my mind that some can handle the stress of deciding to rip out a kitchen the week before Thanksgiving.  
As a salesperson, I go against all the rules in some cases by actually talking people out of a major remodel.  I believe that if they don’t know what they’re getting into, it’s probably better if they just don’t.  Unless I can thoroughly explain what they can expect and I feel that they have a reasonable understanding of what’s going on, I don’t want that sale.  
Seriously.  Some things just aren’t worth it!

My brother & sister-in-law, Jeb’s brother & wife, are having their master bathroom cabinets delivered next Friday, November 11th.  If it wasn’t for them living in Florida & us living in Pennsylvania, I’m sure that my hubby would be recruited to help with the grunt work!  They’ve been planning their project for months and did their second bath earlier this year, so I’m confident that they know what to expect with a bathroom redo.
{Talk about brave souls:  My s-i-l is also nearly 6-months pregnant!} 
Aside from the ongoing remodeling project that we have, I think the house we live in is finished for the time being.  
..Does that mean it’s time to move?

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I am a Mom and self-employed Interior Designer. I own a small design studio & home decor shop in downtown Emporium, PA. It’s a small town in the PA Wilds of north-central Pennsylvania. We have some of the most beautiful scenery, and Fall (my favorite season) is breathtaking. I blog for fun to keep my friends and clients informed of what's going on in the design and decorating world, to share my designs, and to show what we're working on in our own home.

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