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"Tangled" – Alivia’s 3rd Birthday

Alivia is our princess. 
She turned 3 yesterday and we held a party in her honor at our house on Sunday.  
 It was determined months ago that she was going to have a princess party, but we didn’t know which princess it would be.  When it came time to pick out decorations and supplies, Alivia decided she wanted to have a “Tangled Party.”  I thought it would be fun, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into!
~  ~  ~  ~  ~

I’ve never been huge on theme parties.  I could blame it on being a working mom and not having time, or even plain laziness.  I don’t like them because they can become tacky.  I also don’t have enough time {or money} to throw an elaborate party.  So I find myself trying to do the same thing I do when it comes to decorating:  Trying to achieve what I want while spending less money and praying it turns out tastefully unique.
I’m a researcher.  When I’m looking for design or party ideas and am not feeling the most creative, I tend to go to Google to get the ideas flowing.  There are some great websites (and blogs) that I looked at to help with this party. 
This blog topped them all:
A few ideas I borrowed:
Rapunzel’s hair – draped from the living room ceiling

Banner inspired from the movie

Close up: Construction paper on felt {MY twist on it}

And, a few ideas of my own:

A balloon tree
A cake table fit for a Princess
When I went to order her cake last week, they said they were out of the Rapunzel kits and wouldn’t be ordering new until Monday.. too late for our party!  I decided to make one myself.

We moved the kids’ table to the living room for the party.

The kids customized prince & princess door hangers

To keep the kids busy:

~  ~  ~  ~  ~
I will freely admit I’m not a Supermom.  In fact, I have more than my fair share of insecurities about parenting.  I don’t need to prove myself to anyone else, but making my kids happy {especially on their birthdays} is extremely important to me.  I want them to know that I love them and will do my best for them.
One more shot of the birthday girl!!
When the party was over and everyone had gone home, Logan asked me if he can have a theme party for his birthday this year.  I should explain that this boy doesn’t show excitement over much of anything, but he really wants this.  I told him I would absolutely love to do that for him.  
Nice posture, Logan!
{See what I mean about the excitement?}
He is turning the big 1-0 in December, so his party really has to be special! 
We just have to decide on his theme.. and we have two whole months to prepare!