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Progressive Change

Thanks to the past week of beautiful weather, Jeb and I {but mostly him} have made some serious progress on the outside of our other house!  
I am so pleased with the way it’s turning out.  
One thing helping with our motivation is that people are constantly stopping by or calling out from their vehicles to tell us how nice the house looks.  
People we don’t know and have never seen before are telling us what a dramatic change it is.  It makes me laugh, because it sits near a traffic light, and people in Lewistown are never afraid to give their opinions.  
Well, in this case, keep ’em coming!
* * * * * * * * *
What a transformation it is!  
{I feel like I’m showing off a picture of one of my babies – 
we are SO proud of the changes so far!}  

Here is the BEFORE picture of the house:
And.. Here is the AFTER:

Okay, so in case you didn’t catch them all, here are the most notable changes:
New roof, new siding, new windows and doors, and new porch {left side only}.  I started painting the doors, porch trim, and brick accents.  
 Basically, we are changing everything about this house without tearing it down!
Jeb is still working on the soffits and fascia, and well as hanging gutters.  I also still have to paint all that window trim {ugh!!}.  Anyhow, I’m very pleased.  It reflects “US” and we are happy that other people are noticing a difference, too.