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Sick Day

I’m home today, unexpectedly, with a sick Alivia-girl.  
Having a day off means I have plenty of time to get some things done.  
The thing is.. hubby went over to the other house to work on drywall last night.  
So I finished the laundry, toys were picked up, dishwasher ran, etc., etc.  
This means that I really don’t have any housework to do today.  
I’m afraid to leave her alone for too long, or I would probably go sort through more clothes in preparation of yard sales and a trip Goodwill.
How are we going to make it through naptime?  I guess she’ll have to sleep downstairs instead of in her bed.  That’s good, because her bedding is all in the dryer.

I made her a nest on the living room floor when we came down this morning.  
She wanted me to cuddle with her, which I am always extremely happy to oblige.  
When she tried to sit with me on the couch, it was too much for her stomach.  That broke my heart, so I ended up joining her on the floor.

This is where we spent the morning:

She had soup, peanut butter crackers, a couple apple slices, and some Goldfish for lunch.  It’s been 2 hours since we ate, and everything has stayed down.  
Don’t you love the little things that we have to be grateful for?

* * * * *

2:00 is naptime.. so Alivia has returned to the nest.  
Let’s hope she will get enough sleep so she can get better!

Isn’t she the cutest?  She’s telling me to lay next to her.  
Mommy duty calls!
Have a great day, everyone.