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Love is in the Air..

Today is February 4th.. This means there are only  10  days left until Valentine’s Day. 
Do you care? I mean.. I don’t, really.
The Superbowl is overshadowing February 14th in our minds right now.  I, for one, say: “There’s a day I can get excited about!” -At least when the Steeler’s are in it. 
Anyhow, once the big football weekend is over, TV commercials and radio ads will all be geared to Valentine’s.  Everyone will be out to get your money in the name of love.  Flower prices will be jacked up for the next couple weeks, you will not find a decent card for less than $5.00, and the pressure will be on for men everywhere to buy their sweethearts something sparkly,  or chocolate.
Once you’ve been married for a little while, I think that Valentine’s Day stops being a big deal.  
(That is, if it was ever a big deal to you in the first place!)
Once you’ve been in a relationship long enough (married or not), Valentine’s Day is replaced by your anniversary as the day to celebrate your  L-O-V-E. 
~Although, if men are worth their salt, they know that it doesn’t take a holiday to buy their woman flowers!~
Flowers my hubby bought me –  for ‘no reason’
So does anyone decorate for Valentine’s Day?
When I was little and we were all still living at home, we used to decorate for every holiday with window clings.  My mom’s love for decorating still flows through me, but I honestly don’t have the time to decorate for every holiday and season.  I do think that being a teacher had something to do with her obsession, as well.
This week, I found myself trying to get back into the swing of things.  I’ve been so swimmingly busy with life and especially  work  for the past couple months, I haven’t had the chance to do anything related to design.  Yesterday I had the day off and decided to play with my creative ideas for Valentine’s Day.  While Alivia scribbled in Logan’s notebook, this is what I made:
A Valentine’s Print                
 I put it in a frame, but it wouldn’t take a good picture with the glare from the glass.  I like it.  
The colors didn’t turn out very well in this picture, but it is now the centerpiece on our dining room table, with the flowers from my hubby.
Happy early Valentine’s Day to you!