Welcome to CDH Designs! I am a professional Interior Designer, mom, and wife.  {Although I try, I wouldn’t call myself a professional in the last two roles.}  I blog for fun and to preserve memories.

We used to live in a $50,000 rowhome. As a designer, that was a tough pill for me to swallow. Finally, I learned a little bit about contentment. I wrote two blog posts during this time that were really meaningful to me, and I hoped others would find encouragement in them. About 6 months later, we lost our home and everything in it in a fire. Not only that, but our neighbors lost their homes, too. We drew strength from our friends, family, and community who rallied around us. We were fortunate to design and build a brand new home. My husband and I had a large part in building from the ground up. I was extremely proud what we built. Without losing everything, we could not have ended up where we are today.

It’s been 4 years since we had our house fire. A year ago, we sold our beautiful custom home and moved to northern PA for my husband’s job. My design business changed directions, and I decided to open a Kitchen and Bath design center!

Design is about so much more than expensive taste. I want to help people create homes that they love while capturing their individual personality. I specialize in kitchen design, but I love every aspect of design and decorating.

Is there a project you’re planning and have questions you want to ask? Talking about your projects is my favorite thing to do!

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Cherie is a genius! A very small kitchen with an awkwardly attached powder room was her design challenge in my home. Without the benefit of any additional square footage, she was able to ‘increase’ the size of this once crammed space into a lovely, workable, inviting area. Cherie was there every step of the way, no detail too small, no problem too large. She proved to be an effective liaison, communicating with the suppliers and the contractors. After the major kitchen remodel was completed, the dining room seemed very shabby. Cherie suggested a few minor changes (wall color, new chandelier, remove two pieces of furniture). The result was fabulous, the dining room looks like it was part of the original design. Thanks, Cherie.                                                                              Lewistown, PA client  |  December 2015

CDH Designs provided me with a design for a kitchen remodel. Our remodel involved knocking out two walls, and I was very unsure of how to design it. At the recommendation of our cabinet makers, I contacted CDH Designs, and I am so glad that I did! She came to my house for a consultation and spent over 2 hours with me going over everything. She took measurements and asked me many questions to really get a good idea of my style and needs. She asked me questions about things that I wasn’t even thinking of, for example where I wanted certain kind of cabinets and lighting. She provided me with a computer rendering, and it was amazing. So real looking. I had a few more questions and she spent another hour or so answering those and provided me with an updated rendering, again very quickly. Then, she contacted my cabinet makers and reviewed everything with them. I couldn’t have been happier with her work, and I am thrilled with my new kitchen!

Reedsville, PA client  |  March 2016

“Cherie did a fantastic job working with us on our kitchen. She was easy to work very reasonable and flexible. She was able to recommend high quality cabinet makers and work with several contractors to put everything together perfectly. I would definitely recommend her for your design needs!”

Port Matilda, PA client  |  September 2016

Cherie is AMAZING! We knew when we bought our home a few years ago that we needed to remodel the bathroom. However, we had no idea exactly what we wanted to do. At our very first meeting I knew that hiring her was the best thing we could have done and that opinion did not waiver throughout the project. She took the time to ask questions and find out what our style was and what we wanted. As a designer, she guided us throughout the entire project down to every little detail. She was readily available to answer questions. I would recommend that anyone who is doing a renovation hire her.

Lewistown, PA client  |  September 2016

Cherie was such a major help with our kitchen remodel…it was scary enough diving into a full remodel of two rooms, but she was so much help along the way and was there when I need extra contractors, or advice; any time of day. She thought of things that I would never have chosen. Don’t rely on websites to pick things to incorporate: talk to a designer! She was there for us each step of the way, and her computer rendering was spot on to what our kitchen looked like. Her knowledge and expertise was endless. She will be a help when I redo the bathrooms!

Lewistown, PA client  |  November 2016

Cherie was a must-have as we remodeled an old screened-in porch to the new kitchen we love. She took all my must-haves and made them beautiful! As the mother of a large family, I wanted distinct work areas so that the children could be baking, cleaning up, cooking with me, prepping veggies, etc. without constantly getting in one another’s way. Her design knowledge was essential, as design is very much “not my thing”. Cherie made remodeling – a project that made me want to run for cover – as pleasant and as stress-free as it could possibly be.
Some of our initial preferences were too expensive, and Cherie helped find alternatives that were more than acceptable. I never felt like she was nudging us to spend more than we could afford. Cherie was available to answer all our questions and address our concerns each step of the way.
I would highly recommend Cherie’s services. The work she did for us was worth every penny. I have no doubt that we never would have ended up with a kitchen that meets all our large-family needs without her skills. We all love our new kitchen!

Belleville, PA client  |  December 2016

“Cherie is a life saver. Starting in early 2016, she patiently walked me through the decision-making process as I started on my project, which included a new kitchen, new flooring in the main floor, and paint. Later she stepped in when I took on some of the GC duties. With her guidance and expertise, I was able to get the kitchen we envisioned with considerable (40%!) savings.”

State College, PA client  |  February 2017

“I never worked with a designer before but having known Cherie it was an easy choice to go with her. She came and listened to me. I knew what I wanted but didn’t know how to best make it fit to get the most use out of an awkward space. I had 0 above cabinets and about 4-6 sq ft of countertop. She took my dysfunctional space and made it a cooking dream. I loved being able to bounce ideas off someone, as we did all the manual work ourselves. It gave me confidence to go ahead on big decisions.”

Lewistown, PA client  |  July 2017

“Cherie Miller helped me to design a new kitchen. The first time she came to my house she asked me many questions about my likes and dislikes pertaining to colors, type of wood, type of flooring, and the placement of the appliances and the sink and about our budget. Cherie was very open to working with my contractor and me, even shopping with us at the cabinet store. After that she emailed me the design. Cherie then answered many questions I had and was always willing to listen to my concerns. She was able to point out many things that I would not have noticed on my own. Cherie continually updated the design until I was satisfied.
I was extremely pleased with Cherie’s design and with how professional and open she was to what I wanted and to what concerns I had. She suggested things and then designed what I ultimately wanted. She was very easy to work with and was easily accessible by phone or email. Cherie kept in contact to make sure we had the project on schedule and within our budget. My husband and I are very pleased with our finished Kitchen!”

Reedsville, PA client  |  September 2017

Client Testimonials